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Prijs: €1050 voor 75 m2
Kamer te huur in de Nieuwe Achtergracht in Amsterdam


*** PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE LISTING***My roommate is sadly moving to London so I now seek a new permanent housemate. The home is 75sqm and has huge windows that flood the space with light, a clean and modern bathroom and compact yet functional kitchen with dishwasher & big Smeg fridge. The house is on the top floor so the view of the canal is beautiful. The two bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house. The room for rent is downstairs with a canal facing views that get the warm morning light. I seek a full-time working female who is very neat & clean, has shared a home before, is honest, reliable and has common sense & good communication skills. I seek someone with a well established life in Amsterdam and lives a busy life like I do. I am a very neat & clean person. Nothing in the house is ever really out of order, I want someone who appreciates this level of respect towards the home. I am 33 and own my own business in the wellness industry, so my home is my safe & tranquil space to relax. It is not a party home, nor a busy home, or an office. It is a peaceful hideaway from the busy world. A place to come and decompress & enjoy the sleepy canal views.Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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