Johan de Wittlaan
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Prijs: €410 voor 15 m2


Girls only!! We are looking for a new roommate (student) to rent a room for minimum a year. The kitchen and bathroom will be shared with one person and the washing machine with 2. There are only students living in the apartment and we really appreciate if it is not constantly loud with a lot of visitors. Parties are not allowed. Smoking is not allowed. The room is semi-furnished (only a big cabinet is included, see pictures), with 2 big windows which makes the room very bright. The rent price includes wifi, gas and water. The washing machine is 7€/ month. The location is right next to the Asian supermarket in Johan de Wittlaan, 5min walk from the Velperport station and 10-15min walk from the city center. There is also a bus stop right in front of the entrance. If you are current a student looking for a room in Arnhem, please send us a brief introduction of yourself and we will contact you as soon as possible for a viewing appointment Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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