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Prijs: €750 voor 11 m2
Kamer te huur in de Bachstraat in Leiden


I'm looking for someone to take over my current flatmate's room at the start of December/January. I'm 24, work from home fulltime and have the hobbies of a grandma in the 50s (sewing, knitting, baking, reading). I also have a very cute cat that uses me as a heated mattress most of the time and will shower you in affection if you let her!The flat is in a quiet area and is very close to a supermarket, the Luifelbaan (shopping centre) and a bus stop. The flat itself is already furnished, has a fully equipped kitchen, a washer/dryer and a garden.Some important things to know:- The proprietor needs a minimum income of €1900 and proof of income (student loans count)- There is a fee of €150 (plus VAT) to add your name to the contract, this is unfortunately not optional- There is a deposit of €1450- The room comes unfurnished, but my current flatmate is willing to sell some of his furnitureFeel free to message if you have any questions about me or the flat! Viewings are possible both online and in person :)Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


Deze kamer is al verhuurd, het is dus niet meer mogelijk om hier op te reageren. Wel kun je de kamer nog bekijken op Let op! Op kunt je altijd gratis reageren op kamers in Nederland. Wij kunnen dit echter niet garanderen voor andere aangesloten kamersites.