Abraham Kuyperlaan
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Prijs: €450 voor 15 m2


Unfortunately one of our housemates has moved out and that's why I (21) and my other housemate (31) are looking for someone who wants to move in with us. About our house: The house is not the most luxurious or new, but well maintained and fully equipped. It is also important to us that the house is tidy and clean. During the week we think it is good to have dinner together when we can, but in the evening everyone often goes their own way. At the weekend, a beer is usually had here in the house with other friends of ours. We both enjoy the nightlife Rotterdam has to offer and often spend time with each other and our friends. It is also good to mention that football can often be found on the tv. All this of course in consultation as we think it is important to take each other into account ;) Who are we looking for? We are looking for a social person who would like to live in Rotterdam, who likes to have fun and who is at the end of his or her studies or is already working. Are you interested? Please send us a message stating who you are, why you are interested in the living space and why you are a good roommate.Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar Kamernet.nl en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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