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Prijs: €570 voor 8 m2
Kamer te huur aan de Schieweg in Rotterdam


- available from end of november - 1 room available in Schieweg, 575 Euros (all incl.) --> The first bedroom in the pictures is the one available (small one)- 3 minutes from central station and 15 from Erasmus University Rotterdam (by bike)- all rooms have a balcony- if you dm us please give us some background about you so it will be easier for us to sort out fitting candidates (so like if you could write more than one sentence that'd be great haha)Hey there everyone!My roommates and I are looking for a new roommate in our apartment. We are looking to maintain a mixed household, so a girl would be ideal. Rent is 570 Euros all inclusive and we require a one time deposit which is 575 Euros.So much for the technicalities, a little bit about us so you know what you would be getting into:Rik, Melina and me (23, 19 & 25) are students in Rotterdam. We are definetely planning to stay in the apartment for a longer period of time and it would be nice if same goes for you, but it is not a must.However, we love music, producing , guitar, piano and everythings that comes with it. I sing a bit too but I am no Frank Sinatra, more like Travis Scoot (if you don't know he's sick but can't sing for shit). We love to go out and party, cook and go out and experience everything that Rotterdam has to offer. They both speak Dutch, I am trying. It's not going great. But I do speak German, Russian and Spanish, and Melina Italian and German, so your cultural background could not be less important.Overall I would describe ourselves as humorous, spontaneous, tolerant, goal-directed, sociable and uncomplicated. You can talk to us about Philosophy and God and the world, but we will also destroy you in pretty much every drinking game there is.We love to cook and we mainly listen to Hip-Hop and Techno, but we are open to everything but folk and Vanilla Ice.Moreover, we love pretty much every kind of sports, maintain the apartment (/common rooms) clean and work next to our studies. We have all been living on our own/with other roommates for a couple of years and it would be great if same goes for you, since we would prefer someone who has experience in living with others.So yeah that is us in a nutshell, if you have any additional questions or you think you'd be an amazing fit then don't hesitate to dm me. Looking forward to your message and maybe see you soon, take care!Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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