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Prijs: €799 voor 16 m2


THE STUDENTHOSTEL can offer you at the moment a bed indormitoy29 euro p.p.p.n.(friday and saturday 35 europ.p.p.n.) pro week 200euro a shared room ex tourist taxes 1,25 pro daFREE FACILITIESAll prices include:FREE BBQ with unlimited meat (you have to bring your own carbon)* free breakfast* free lunch* free dinner (we supply, you cook)* free tea, coffee, juice (if available)* free use of kitchen facilitie* free internet wifi, use of several computers and a printer* free use of music corner with grand piano, classic and electric guitars and percussion instruments* free use of big chess game in the garden, table tennis and table footballfree use of lockers, at your own risk (bring your own padlockYOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN SHEETS WITH YOUpillow and cover are on the bedanswer about the offer in 2 dayswhen it is confirmed you have to send a email one week before arrival reconfirm your reservationInteresse in deze woning? Ga naar en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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