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Prijs: €463 voor 18 m2
Kamer te huur op het Dreijenplein in Wageningen


Are you looking for a room in a diverse, shared house starting the 1st ofDecember? A 18m2 room has become available at Nano for 463€/month. We would like to host a hospitality event at the 21st of November (monday). We are group of 24 students that is versatile in both nationality and interests, who like to host parties, BBQ's, Potlucks, work out, and do movie nights! Our large living room, study/ meeting room and kitchen have plenty of space to be serious or to just chill. We live practically next to botanical gardens and the forest, and a 3-minute bike ride separates us from the bars in the city centre. You could get to Forum in a good 8 minutes if you’re determined. We are situated at De Dreijen (Dreijenplein), which is the old chemistry department of the University. This is a very spacious area with lots of pasture and a nice pond to hang out. If you want to get to know us or find out more about living at Nano do not hesitate to message me and sign up for the event! Cheers!(registration at the municipality possible and only students)Interesse in deze woning? Ga naar Kamernet.nl en stuur een bericht naar de verhuurder of huisgenoten.


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